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Innovationation has created us an amazing website!

Steve Mutch

Nordmanni wanted their dated looking website revamping with a professional and authentic looking site for Viking and Anglo-saxon reenactment.

Nordmmani specified that their main requirements for the website were:

  • An online contact page
  • Members profile pages
  • Event listings
  • Image galleries

Development was started straight away on the Nordmanni website and it was decided that by merely extending their logo, would provide a suitable option to extend the colour for the background. To draw the visitor’s attention to the content and to ensure that the background wasn’t too bland a gradient from black to a deep red was used to create a content area.

This content area was then divided into two columns, one for the main content and the other for information about their events and shortcuts to their member’s profiles.

All the website content is driven by a bespoke content management system (CMS), allowing Nordmanni to update the content is an easily to manage fashion.

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